Epic Flightform

Last night brought something that, for a long time, I thought I’d never see. Aylanni, my first character to 60 back in the days when that was the cap, got her epic flight form. She’s been so long neglected, but I’ve found a new love of her, and most especially of balance. Of course, all I really had to do was train it after paying the 5000g for epic flying training, but it was still pretty epic to me. And now that I have it, I’ll probably go back and do the old quest chain that used to lead to it. I’d like to see it, and a certain warrior spousal unit very much wants Anzu’s mount. (Of course, so do I, but I’ll have to enlist the aid of some other druid for that because I don’t actually want it on Aylanni. Go fig. =oP )

Aylanni is 77 1/2 now, well on her way to 80. And with the potential upcoming additions to heirloom gear coming in patch 3.2 she will probably be the last one leveled to 80 for awhile. But, hey, six 80s (for now) should be enough to last awhile, eh? 😉


~ by Branwyn on 2009/06/17.

2 Responses to “Epic Flightform”

  1. Quest chain is amazing and definitely worth doing. Also grats!

  2. Huzzah on le bird! And yes, much want Anzu mount kthx.

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